Other "secure" operating systems

OpenBSD, inb4 someone posts https://isopenbsdsecu.re/ it is quite outdated presentation from 2019 however, https://isopenbsdsecu.re/mitigations/ is frequently updated.

There was a page from madaiden about OpenBSD security but it was removed as it was not meeting required quality of the website. A decent hardening guide.

FreeBSD? Security hardening guide.

Spectrum seems to be not ready at all?

Let me know guys your thoughts, and if you got other operating systems you want to share.

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Im just going to repeat the opinion I’ve read on other tech forums. BSDs are secure, but purpose built. If you deviate from the “purpose”, you reduce security. On top of that, BSDs suffer from significant usability features.

But I guess if your use case is simple enough, maybe you could make it work? But these days people want a general use case for all their OSes.


since there’s only been 1 reply, I’ll be a bit controversial and say that Windows 11 Enterprise configured properly on (business) Surfaces and high end Dell Latitudes/Precisions is actually a pretty secure (general) OS, but isn’t super private

There’s nothing controversial about that claim. Windows is secure OS, especially if you are aware about it and use it properly. Similar is with Mac OS. But as you mentioned, privacy is an issue. And also annoying features and changes they constatly make

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Yes, even Chrome is secure. More than Brave if you tweak it. But no one would claim it’s private.