Why do some VPNs cause more captchas and network checks than others?

I recently switched from Mullvad to Proton VPN since I got Proton Mail, and I noticed that I get a ton more captchas and other issues when using it for some reason. I’m picking the same countries. US to US, US to UK, or US to Canada. When I search something on Mullvad, it just asks if I want cookies. If I search it on Proton, I get asked to click on the crosswalks until they’re all gone. On multiple sites/search engines.

What causes the difference?


I use both of these vpn’s on different devices. Experience has been mixed.
with proton, it improved a bit when using their stealth protocol, but it’s not perfect either.
It’ll be bit tedious at first, find a server that is less abused should help lesson these checks too. I also get around them by using different browser profiles where possible, especially for sites I need to have an account on, if there is a cookie left over from last login, I get no such checks. I do need to be careful with what I do on these profiles, only use that specific website or purpose I assign it.

Proton is likely more popular, hence people come out of the same IP address. I dont think I’ve encountered Mullvad outside of privacy circles like ours.

It makes Proton more suspicious and services just dont know too much about Mullvad’s existence and it gets less requests from their VPN IPs

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Ah, that’s unfortunate…I was hoping to save a buck there. Might need to continue with Mullvad after all.

Essentially, services like Cloudflare’s DDoS protection take into account a “reputation” for IP Addresses. Because IPs are shared, not only is lots of traffic flowing through one IP with hundreds of users, but also that increases the amount of people doing malicious things with those IP Addresses.

This means that you’ll more often be asked to verify you’re not a bot with public VPNs than something like Mullvad. Additionally, I believe Mullvad is just less popular than Proton overall.