Which mainstream email provider is the best for privacy and security?

I encountered a game that only allows account creation with these domains:

I really want to play this game, so I have no other choice but to create a new email address for just this use case and maybe similar use cases in the future.

Which one of these providers should I pick from a privacy and security perspective?

I would guess iCloud… It’s at least the one I’m using, because for me I’m ruling out anything Microsoft, Google, or Russian. I don’t know about Yahoo, though. Security, I would just pick gmail because it’s easy to get one and create with random information. But if it’s got to stay alive I’m going to prefer iCloud because I have Apple Data Protection turned on for iCloud.

I use iCloud email to generate aliases, create an account, then I can delete the alias if need be.

Super stupid the game only lets those domains. It’s like Chime (banking) wouldn’t let me use protonmail.com or pm.me because it’s an “anonymous email” lol.


Anything that doesn’t require a phone number is good enough, I guess. Just give them fake data and treat it as a throwaway email for just that one game.

Wouldn’t use gmail as they sometimes lock you out of your account and asks for a phone number. And sometimes does 2fa even when you explicitly disabled it (locking me out of my acc for quite a while)

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Maybe Outlook is a good alternative, I don’t remember asking me for a two-step check.

I can confirm this works. I have a throwaway Outlook account without any personal data or phone number. They did ask me to add 2FA after a couple of weeks, but TOTP was supported so I don’t mind.

For comparison, Google also will demand 2FA after a while, but only lets you add TOTP after you have given them a phone number, for mysterious ( :wink: ) reasons.

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My guess would be:

  1. iCloud
  2. Outlook

iCloud Hide My Email (Apple’s E-mail aliasing service) will also give you @icloud.com domains so that’s an option. But its a paid option, so probably not the best option just to buy a game.

I would also add that iCloud requires a phone number and uses it for login, so it can’t be used as something permanent if you do use a burner

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if you don’t mind, what game is that which straight up blocks email domains which are not even aliases? I know of lichess which blocks aliases but not proton or tuta accounts.

My guess is probably Town of Salem

Why not an alias provider like SimpleLogin and use your own domain with it?

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Reread the OP:

I encountered a game that only allows account creation with these domains: [list of domains]

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Oh, my bad.

Then iCloud with Hide my email option, or Outlook with additional alias email. Outlook has also Passwordless login feature which is a nice thing to have.