Where's the love for Mooltipass?

I find it hard to trust any software based password keeper, certainly any web service. I’ve been using a Mooltipass for a number of years. While it can be awkward under some circumstances, I don’t worry about anyone grabbing my passwords. Have I missed something? Is it not secure?

a bit offtopic, but you are aware that You can self host bitwarden on your own hardware (so that you can have a server based system that you trust) or you could use a local password manager like KeyPassXC (to avoid the server altogether).

I’ve heard that, but couldn’t find it on their website. My employer uses Bitwarden, with a free license for me. Thing is, if any online database is compromised, someone gets ALL your passwords. The Mooltipass spits them out one at a time. It’s possible you might be tricked into giving up one password, but the rest are safe. Let’s just say I know someone who hacked someone’s online account, think it might have been Lastpass. Guy used a very similar password for everything, including Lastpass. Someone got complete access to ALL his passwords, he never knew.

Bitwarden has encryption on your passwords so even if the server was compromised, your data would be safe. Here is a link to VaultWarden (unofficial server in Rust for performance: GitHub - dani-garcia/vaultwarden: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust, formerly known as bitwarden_rs) or see this link Host Your Own Open Source Password Manager | Bitwarden Blog (no guarantees, i havent self hosted bitwarden for myself so your milage may vary)