What text-to-speech (TTS) software should I use on Tails?

I’m looking for a text-to-speech (TTS) program to read out sensitive text on Tails and meets the following criteria:

  1. Runs locally, doesn’t transmit or permanently store the text it is reading out.

  2. Has an clear voice.

  3. Can read selected documents.

  4. Can read selected text.

  5. Supports pausing, stopping, and change of speed.

  6. Open source.

Before someone mentions it, yes, Tails includes a screen reader for accessibility. But it is used to read out every element I interact with in the UI rather than to read out a specific text. It also doesn’t seem to meet most of the criteria I laid out with the exception of #1.

I have used Read Aloud (browser extension) in the past and it has the potential to meet all of the criteria. One major problem with Read Aloud is that it is a browser extension, so I don’t know how much that could impact my security and anonymity. One idea I have is to go on airplane mode while I have it installed, but that would limit me to offline work only.

Another option is to enable additional software in Tails and install a TTS program that way. But since I don’t have a specific program in mind, it isn’t really an option until I find something which meets my criteria. Suggestions are welcome.