Is there a good, free text-to-speech app for Android?

Someone knows a free tts ? Is just for books, divest OS comes with one but is so bad and I am looking for app also, now i am using natural reader, what do you think? Thankss

did you try RHVoice like the website suggests? :slight_smile:

I include eSpeak because it doesn’t need Internet to download models before use and because it supports more languages.


What can you think of:

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@AlphaElwedritsch Futo voice input works great, it’s privacy respecting, works offline and they publish the source code. ONe drawback is that it doesn’t “type as you speak”, so you have to say everything and once you stop talking it will type it all. But overall I like it.

But this is speech-to-text rather than the OP’s question for text-to-speech. Also, it’s not free, which the OP requested. Neither as in free beer nor as in freedom (see section 2, point 3 and section 4).

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yes, sorry you’re right
I saw it to late, that he asked for t2s, not s2t

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Rh voice dont have spanish i think, it is the language i speak thank you!


FUTO has been doing this a lot and it waters down their claims:
proprietary: · master · Aleksandras Kostarevas / VoiceInput · GitLab
proprietary: LICENSE · master · VideoStreaming / Grayjay · GitLab
proprietary: · main · Polycentric / Harbor · GitLab
proprietary: LICENSE · master · VideoStreaming / FutoPayClientLibraries · GitLab
no license: Load Testing / Matrix Goose · GitLab
no license: Circles / Circles Icons · GitLab
no license: Circles / MatrixSDKCrypto · GitLab



Not free, but you can use Google’s app without Internet after you let it download the database once. Just be sure to revoke Network permission after downloaded.

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Probably will be the best option thanks!!