What do you use for annotating webpages when reading?

Annotations are indispensible for reading. Many academic institutions suggest hypothes.is for webpage annotations. But I think it’s beneficial for confidential thoughts to be hidden from the annotations provider. Are there particular comparable tools you use which are more privacy-respecting?

I use Zotero for bibliographic management and have tried the html annotations functionality of its beta version. It works, and depends on gildas-lormeau/SingleFile to make webpage snapshots (which sometimes fail to preserve the page).

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I found this blog post about annotating websites as PDFs in Logseq: I’m printing out websites - you might want to do it, too

I use Raindrop and sometimes hypothes.is.

I’m looking for something like this myself.

There are methods like the Logseq way you mentioned. But I don’t find it very streamlined and convenient. I wish there was a way to annotate in the browser, and have your pdfs and annotations saved automatically. There are extensions but I don’t like them, and integrated browser functionality would be a lot better anyway.

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