Any good bookmark manager/link aggregator to store bookmarks and notes?

The title says it all. An example of a good bookmark manager could be FIrefox Pocket but if I’m not wrong is not open source. So any other great tools?

Shiori is great if you have a spare device to host it on, a raspberry pi or an old desktop/laptop will do fine. Has a simple interface and can also optionally archive bookmarked websites, in case they ever go down.

The easiest way to set that up, and other services is to use portainer, it has a webgui where you can selfhost stuff in basically one click. Otherwise, they have install instructions here:

Wallaby, perhaps - Read your articles later

Sadly this is not my case. I don’t have a spare device. I was looking more for an offline app or something

This seems could but I have too many subscriptions to pay for another tool. Thank you for the suggestion, anyway

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I use, it’s great even on free plan. also open source. switched from pinboard after I got tired of trying to get a non buggy app for it.