What distro linux to host archives?

I have a orantg pi zero and i want to host my own archives, wich distro to use? I probably will use nextcloud, or you think is best option uses a USB un de router? My archives arent reslly private, the important i will mantain locally

I’d say for anything you’d selfhost stuff, Debian or Ubuntu Server.

The slow-rolling packages is actually an advantage there!

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What are the limitations of the Orange Pi Zero with respect to what distros can be installed on it? I believe the Orange Pi Zero, is a tiny SBC that runs arm correct? You should get some clarification from the community or from the dev’s what distros will work with it.

Generally speaking I think that the distro you choose isn’t that important, so long as you stick to a reputable server distro and follow basic server security practices. Ubuntu is the default in my eyes when it comes to a server distro, Debian or RHEL/RHEL Clones or OpenSUSE are reasonable choices as well. Beyond that there are probably another dozen other reasonable choices and most of them will be either specialized distros or based on either Debian or Red Hat.