What are the different ways to compartmentalize for security? What types of apps should i keep together?

On privacy guides in the “common” threats" page, it’s recommended to employ security by compartmentalization to mitigate passive and targeted attacks, which are the primary adversary on my threat model. The recommended ways of doing this are to use different computers for different tasks and to use virtual machines to separate different groups of apps. It’s recommended to especially separate web browsers, email clients and office apps away from each other and the OS?

I’m looking into using Qubes OS to do this on my pc, but how could I do this on my android phone? It’s recommended on the Android Knowledge base of privacy guides to take advantage of the user profiles option, but my android device doesn’t support this? Would my best bet be to use Shelter or is there any other way I could compartmentalize on my android? The problem is shelter is only one other compartment so this would be to separate work apps from my other apps.

Ultimately, what types of apps can I keep together and what types of apps are generally recommended to be separated in different compartments?