Hello. So I have a phone and my iPad 9th generation tablet and recently I got some news that my phone will not receive updates anymore and the last update will be in November. That phone is rooted too because I need root for personal reasons. So I consider this phone insecure but I can’t just buy another one or change it. So I want to ask how can I set up and compartmentalize my phone and iPad to maximize security and privacy. Custom ROM is not a solution because things like the camera, speakers, and other features of my phone would be affected a lot.

Obviously your first steps should be to go through the settings and disable anything you don’t need: bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. You can also turn on the guest wifi on your router and connect your phone to that and your iPad to the normal wifi, that way your phone can’t access the admin panel or any devices on your main wifi network. You should probably try to do as much on your iPad as you can and minimize what you do on your phone, login into your bank, general browsing, etc. Of course it’s not generally recommended to root your phone, but it is what it is.