Way to Limit Reddit's RSS Feeds

So I found through this resource that you can limit how many posts Reddit sends you by ending your link with ?limit=[number of posts you want]



When sorting by say top posts, you can go into a more detailed sort by saying how far you want your top posts (for example) to be from, whose link looks something like this:


I was wondering if there was a way to include both of these parameters into my rss link. Last time I checked, both of them work as rss feeds seperately, but I don’t know how to create feed that sorts, for example, by the top posts of say the past month, as well as limit that number of posts to 25. I’m very new to RSS so I don’t really know much about it.


You might be able to do something like this by writing a web scraper in python and constructing an RSS feed from it. BeautifulSoup is a good wrb scraper library for Python if you are interested