VyOS as a Router Firmware


I see only 2 “Router Firmware” options.
I’m used to a different tool (VyOS) that looks compatible with the requirements :

  • Must be open source.
  • Must receive regular updates.
  • Must support a wide variety of hardware.

Have you consider this project ?


I forget why this wasn’t added last time it was mentioned. It looks to be a stable OS worth reviewing.

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I’m using it for several years now without any issues.
I’m compiling the release version myself which is quite easy and well documented.

Let use know if we have any good reason to avoid this tool.


I don’t think there is, I will give this a look though as I don’t see why it couldn’t be added at this time.

Out of curiosity I look at the router section and I still don’t see VyOS.
Is their any good reason or it’s just because no interest or no time for this?

Not sure where we’re at with this off the top of my head, but for things that we don’t already use personally we tend to go through the list based on votes and community interest. I haven’t heard much chat about VyOS outside this thread.

I think that make sense but at the same time if nobody advertise it, it will never become known/mainstream. (I don’t think VyOS will ever become mainstream anyway but as a general comment I think everyone should look outside of their current tools times to times)

If I rephrase your last comment: “no votes so no interest and no push from your side to add it into the list”

So it wont be added anytime soon.
Thanks for your feed back.

Unreviewed, I could give it a spin in a VM, at least to test a cursory test. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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