Expansions to the Router/Home Network section

Jonah said to make a Forum Post about it so we can collab, so here I am.

For our current router section:
The descriptions look good on both, however I’d replace the current PfSense problems article with this: pfSense vs OPNsense as some of OPNsense’s points in the linked article aren’t really valid.

I also think we should add a short paragraph explicitly stating the use case of OpenWRT vs OPNsense as it can be rather confusing.

Then we can add recommended hardware to run each on. For OpenWRT, The archer C7/A7 are phenonimal budget wifi 5 options. For wifi 6, I am thinking the Cudy X6. Both have support for the newest stable version, both are relatively cheap (As cheap as $35 for the archer, up to $50, and the X6 is $60), and both have a range of ~2500 square feet.

As for OPNsense, it runs on x86 hardware, so any old pc will do. I was thinking we can first recommend an old pc, then options you build yourself (Like an HP T620+ with an additional NIC), and then prebuilts [Like the netgear 1100(currently out of stock), or protectli vault)

Then in another section we can have some network security stuff (Like changing the admin panel password, firmware updates, WPS, what WPA version to use, VLANing)

This is a work in progress, and the point of the discussion is to get a good outline of the guide so that PG team members can take content from here and turn it into a guide on the site. Any comments are appreciated.

Some of these are outdates, for example OPNSense uses ZFS too now, and isn’t based on Hardened BSD.

I have mine configured like that, which is something I was going to write a guide about OPNSense split tunnel guide with VLANs · Issue #1863 · privacyguides/privacyguides.org · GitHub

Are you saying the article I linked is a little outdated, or are you talking about the PG page? And that’s good to hear, the more people working on the guide the better. Anything else you noticed, or should I start working on the PR?

Yes to this. Stability wise I haven’t had any issues with OPNsense, been using it as my main router now for about 6 months, so not sure about the stability claim.


First off, sorry to necropost, but could we have a guide request on how to do a generalized OPNsense router setup with basic whole network OpenVPN connection to the recommended VPN services such as Proton/IVPV/Mullvad?

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That is on my to-do list as I have got a setup which is working now sufficiently and has been tested. In this case OPNSense+Wireguard+selective tunneling.

It doesn’t really matter what VPN provider you have as long as you have configs.