VPN Router recommendation

I’m looking for a Wireguard VPN router for my home which does the following:

#1. 900mbps or higher speed on Wireguard.
#2. Able to connect to multiple VPN locations at once (so that i can assign different IP/location to my different devices like phone, tv, laptop, etc.) [by using ProtonVPN on the router itself]
#3. Able to use internet without VPN (incase i feel VPN is slow OR to access VPN restricted sites)
#4. Killswitch

I’m not a network pro, so can’t do complex mod. on my own. [need complete tutorials].
Gl inet flint2 does #1 but apparently it doesn’t do #2 without flashing etc.
I’m looking to get 1gbps or higher speed on Wireguard.

Q1. Asus RT-AXE7800 seems to have higher specs than flint 2, do you think it will give more Wireguard speed than flint 2?
Q2. Can RT-AXE7800 do #2,3 and 4? If yes, what i need to do for that? (Step by step tutorial please)
Q3. Any other router recommendations?

Thisis very much possible with opnsense which we recommend using policy based routing and it has been on my to-do list to write a guide for that OPNSense split tunnel guide with VLANs · Issue #1863 · privacyguides/privacyguides.org · GitHub

I don’t know about those Asus devices or the Gl device, but the OPNSense offerings are very much capable.

There is a youtube here for doing it with pfsense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulRgecz0UsQ

@dngray Please recommend me a router to buy

This might be useful: [OpenWrt Wiki] Table of Hardware