Using Send to mail someone with encryption

Send says: "Files are encrypted on your device so that they cannot be read by the server, and they can be optionally password-protected as well. "

For me as a newby is this little confusing.
So if i want to send a file to another person and i don’t use a password.
Is this file encrypted when its send or not? or is it only encrypted if i setup a password?

why i asking this is because:
if i want to mail a letter to someone with some private stuff in it, but this person does not/want use mail encryption. (because the person does not understand the importance of it)
Is using Send then a good alternative to get the letter still delivered encrypted to the person? (if i don’t setup a password)

i dont understand, why not setup a password? preferably a strong one

Yes it will be e2ee. In the URL there is a fragment after the # that is the decryption secret key.

For info:


because when people don’t understand the importance to encrypt personal data, they also don’t want to cooperate with it.