Annoyed to the people that have no interest in encrypting there mail traffic

I get more and more annoyed to the people that have no interest in encrypting there mail traffic.

You are automatically become dependent on these people because if you still want to send an encrypted mail you must first inform them of a password so they can read the mail.
But most of the time people don’t like this, do’nt care, to much work, (don’t understand the importance) and ignore the mail.

Is there any way to solve this?
That I can still send a encrypted mail but the recipient doesn’t have to do anything to read it?
(like Signal or whatsapp automatically decrypt the mail when its reaches the sender.)

The only “solution” i can think of is sending mail/message in a file by Send.
Then the message is encrypted but the recipient does not have to receive a password beforehand to decrypt/read the message.)


You should rely more on instant messengers for personal communications rather than email which is an old insecure protocol.


do you live under a stone?
there are thousand or people or company’s they still using mail to communicate.

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I never stated the opposite.


I mean, even if you want to use encryption it’s super annoying (unless everyone involved just uses Protonmail). You need to manage keys on each device, you need to set it up again on each mail client, you need a browser extension to use the webmail interface, …

Autocrypt seemed to be a good solution to make it a bit easier but it seems that it didn’t catch on, and clients like Thunderbird refuse to support it.

if ur willing to tell ur correspondents a password, why not convince them to use secure messenger


you kidding right?

if you’re communicating with a company, you play by their rules.

if you’re communicating with random individual people, you’re apparently already putting the effort in to try and make them use email encryption – direct that effort somewhere useful (proper secure comms)

Since you are the one requesting advice / ideas to your specific issue, why not rethink how you respond to users trying to assist you?


Humanity didn’t have a sense or expectation of personal privacy until the invention of indoor plumbing.

You’ll have to convince everyone who believes they’ve got nothing to hide because they’ve done nothing wrong that they are mistaken.

Start by describing the difference between anonymity and privacy. If their eyes don’t glaze over immediately you might have found one such person☺.


Email is often used in professional and academic contexts where people are busy and believe they have more important things to do or worry about than encrypted messaging. It either doesn’t fit their threat model to use encryption just to message you, or their organization requires using certain email services or software that don’t support it. There isn’t an easy way around it either way.

For secure personal communication you can encourage people you know to use a messenger like WhatsApp or Signal.

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