TransferChain File Sharing

I used to use WeTransfer for file sharing, but there is a huge privacy policy flaw and it’s unsecured. There is too much “Man in the Middle Attack”.
Here is the new secure and private web app for sharing files.

Send is a good choice. It was forked from the Mozilla Send project which was discontinued. I think the highlights are that you can run it on the browser or from the command line, and that you can pick the instance you want to use or even host your own.

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TransferChain Send utilizes a client-side end-to-end encrypted distributed cloud with blockchain auth and zero-knowledge protocols – providing the world’s most Private & Secure file sharing. No one can access your files besides the intended recipients.

Not be against you or anything else, but by your talk, it appears that you are, somehow, linked to that project. Is it the case? No worries if you do, It’s actually better if you do disclose it.

TransferChain Send utilizes a client-side end-to-end

Same with Send.

distributed cloud

Despite the file being encrypted (and perhaps, split as you tell by your FAQ) before sending it :

blockchain auth

That’s the part I wonder, how it could actually be helpful. Not only because, what is stored on the blockchain CAN’T BE DELETED (That’s the main principle. You may try to set some data obsolete or be hidden on your own blockchain you’ve created, but the actual data will remain, hence the purpose of the blockchain in itself)
The other worsening bit is :

The corresponding encryption keys that are used to encrypt Your Content is solely available, in an encrypted format, on your device and in the blockchain, thus Your Content can only be decrypted by you and the individuals with whom you explicitly share with;

Which is, obviously, worse than Send which only gives the encryption key to you to share to whomever you want the files to be decrypted because basically, you are uploading our decryption key directly to anyone, to grab, simply by checking your blockchain, and grabbing the correct block that contain your decryption key. I sincerely wonder the actual purpose of this.

Of course, feel free to correct me on some details, that you think, are incorrect.

One last thing, the PrivacyGuides staff will certainly request for the public disclosure of the independant yearly security & data protection audits. I haven’t been able to found them, but that’s maybe just me.


This reads like an ad. Is it one?

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It is.
On the twitter or linkedin of transferchain, it’s the same face than the profile picture.

It’s not especially hidden, but it would be good to avoid coming by criticizing a competitor (even if the criticisms are true…) and to present your product without disclosing that you are in fact the co-founder of it.