US Cops can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint in some cases

Personnally, I have an alphanumeric password only, but do use fingerpirnt for app locks.



I thought this was already well known. It’s why you should either:

  1. Not use biometrics
  2. Disable biometrics in places where you are more likely to have your phone seized (e.g. airport, protest)
  3. Turn your phone off/restart it but don’t unlock it so it is in Before First Unlock (BFU) mode

Obviously the third option is the best if they try to use forensic software on it.

And you should of course use a password or passphrase rather than a six-digit PIN. Or at least have a longer PIN.

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Torture is scarily common around the world. If they have you and your device I think there is nothing that can be done.

While nothing is going to help against a 5$ wrench, GrapheneOS is working on a veeery nice feature.

Which is the option to unlock with fingerprint and PIN as your AFU (after first unlock) method, instead of just PIN or fingerprint.

See matchboxbananasynergy’s explanation here.


I thought of this. Basically MFA. I would also like to see a face+fingerprint option. One problem is what happened if you can’t use your fingerprint anymore (burn). Maybe adding a passphrass recovery option will be a good solution.

You still have the BFU/master password, which is still required. This is only for the secondary (AFU) unlock method.

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