Unredacted Magazine

Michael Bazzell has a new blog post about the future of the magazine and podcast. UNREDACTED Magazine Status – IntelTechniques Blog


We received constant complaints about having sponsors. Most readers demanded free content without ads, which is unrealistic. Many readers only want ads from companies they already like, which defeats the point of advertisements. The moment we have an ad for a provider different than the one preferred by much of the community, the emails roll in threatening to never read another (free) issue unless we eliminate the current sponsor. I was even bashed online by a CEO of a company which competes with one of our sponsors for allowing anyone but them to place an ad (which they declined to do). Overall, ads may not be worth the hassle.

This is an annoying problem, too many people want everything for free.


Some people just can’t be pleased and they should be ignored.

If Michael charges for the magazine, people will bitch.
No new issues - they whine.
Have a few ads (no JS, static photos) it’s the end of their world.