Ukrainian government opens source of “Diia”

Found interesting information. Ukraine opens source of digital government services app.

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What is “Diia” - wiki


From now on, countries interested in Ukraine’s digitalisation experience will be able to learn about the Diia logic and use its code to create their own public services.

Open Source is software whose source code is publicly available. It includes:

  • mobile application code - frontend and backend;
  • logic, a document and a service that will help you understand how the platform works;
    licence to use.
  • In addition to the general code for the server and mobile parts of the application, we added the Driver’s Licence document and the Criminal Record Certificate service as examples of the application’s logic for working with data. This is the first step, there will be more documents and services in the future. To access the open source code, you need to sign a public licence on the website.

The security of Ukrainians’ data is a priority. The code does not have access to registers. The application logic is tested in a test environment where user data is fictitious.

Apart from governments of other countries, the open source Diia will also be useful for the IT community and businesses.

Open source is a popular global practice. This approach was used to develop European covid certificates. And now the European Digital Identity Wallet EUDI is being created. Governments and tech companies around the world also use open source, such as Android and Linux.

We are building an innovative government application and sharing our experience with the world.
The project is implemented with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Programme, implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and funded by Switzerland.

Opensource or not, I’m not so happy about DIIA as it could be used for the new Digital ID with declining or no privacy as result and socialcreditscore.

I don’t think this is really an issue. Government already holds information photo id (drivers license) and criminal background data.

These things are already requested when needing to identify yourself, or apply for positions of trust within the community.

The “opensource” part really has nothing to do with privacy and only relates to some of the components that build such a system.

Your forgot link to source