Turn ON Privacy: Tuta is getting a brand new logo!

We would like to keep everyone informed about this change to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

We have recently changed our name from Tutanota to Tuta, and we celebrated our 10-year anniversary. To mark this occasion, we are now unveiling a fresh new look for the Tuta logo: the light switch that lets you turn on privacy the easy way. We are happy to celebrate the introduction of our new logo - another important step in bringing privacy to the world!

You can learn more on our blog here.

Happy encrypting!



Congrats Hanna :slight_smile:

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I like it.

Although, as an American my first impression was that it’s switching off, and I had to look up how European light switches work lol


As an European, it’s indeed switching off :smiley: I only noticed it now. Not sure in which countries switches work like that.

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Black part go down - switch off, red part go up - switch on.

That’s how they look in Australia. So Tuta’s switch does look on to me.


A horizontal switch would have probably been a better idea.

Gods I’m surrounded by peasants :face_exhaling: Everyone knows the only right choice are rotating switches.

@Tuta_Official On a more serious note, not sure I’m a fan of the inconsistency of using white in some places (e.g. your account and the website) and then using an off-white/peach in others (e.g. the Android app icon). It looks unproffessional when it’s so similar yet different, as if you’re not paying enough attention to what colors you’re using.

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Great, we don’t get mail import but we get a brand new logo. Once again a disturbing proof of Tutanota’s focus.


I believe that visuals play a crucial role in enhancing the appeal of privacy services.

Regarding the logo: While the switch design may appear clunky in larger sizes, it works better as a small icon. At least it’s unique and not another envelope icon like many mail apps use.

The “Turn on privacy” text has some inconsistencies in placement and color, although the bright red aligns with Tuta’s website.

If I were to design it, I would keep just the tuta-text, and perhaps opt for friendlier colors.

I will let you in on a top secret, just don’t tell anyone. Marketing and developer teams are separate, marketing teams actions doesn’t affect the development of the service.


I know but it still won’t change my statement above!


Hi there, the logo was developed by our graphic design team. Our cryptography and infrastructure teams are hard at work on import and Tuta Drive.