Thunderbird: Firefox Sync (Calendar/Contacts)

Firefox Sync is planning to include contacts and calendars. It will sync to Thunderbird and K-9. I assume K-9 will be contacts only, as much as I’m hoping for Android calendar sync.

DecSync with Syncthing and radicale is way too buggy.


Oh really? Do you have a link for that?

"We are thrilled to share that we’ve already reached an important development milestone for Thunderbird 114: @Firefox
Sync is up and running! :tada:

Email, Calendar, and Contact syncing works without issue during internal testing."

"Will I be able to sync my Thunderbird accounts with K-9 Mail?

Yes. We plan to offer Firefox Sync as one option to allow you to securely sync accounts between Thunderbird and K-9 Mail. We expect this feature to be implemented in the summer of 2023.

Will Thunderbird for Android support calendars, tasks, feeds, or chat like the desktop app?

We are working on an amazing email experience first. We are looking at the best way to provide Thunderbird’s other functionality on Android but currently are still debating how best to achieve that. For instance, one method is to simply sync calendars, and then users are able to use their preferred calendar application on their device. But we have to discuss this within the team, and the Thunderbird and K-9 communities, then decide what the best approach is."


I really hope it will integrate with native apps for contacts on iOS and Android that would make it truly a good product. Would pay for it.

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Making this its own topic to remember to keep an eye on it, sounds like this functionality is not yet released.