Thoughts on Nitro Hardware? (NitroPC, NitroPad, NitroTablet)

Nitro’s target market for these products are those with high security needs/serious privacy threat models who may not be technically literate enough to do their own builds from scratch (journalists, political activists, CEOs, etc.) so assuming those parameters, would these products be a good fit? Why or why not?



Nitro PC Pro

Nitrokey was a bit of a poor product :man_shrugging:

Re the laptops, they’re ancient thinkpads, so if you’re okay with paying a lot of money for a laptop that lacks security features fine I guess.

I posted something about that here in regard to other laptops Linux Laptops? System76? Other options? - #9 by dngray

The tablet and phones is overpriced is just pixels with grapheneos.

The NitroPC is cool for people who want a desktop with coreboot but way overpriced.

They also sell newish Clevo with heads or TianoCore.

I think their web installer makes the flashing way easier for the normies.

But Normie’s should be the judge ofcourse.

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The web installer is great, but for people who really don’t know much about tech at all, then the nitrophone could be useful.

Certainly some of their models are surprisingly old but others like the NS70 are more modern, no? Intel CPU and graphics cards are 2-3 years old at most right?

  • The firmware measure itself and send the measurements to some PCRs in the TPM.
    If the measurements match, the TPM unseal the secret.
  • The firmware does GPG verification of the files down the chain.
  • None of the existing laptops with Heads (all those Librems and ancient Thinkpads) have functioning Boot Guard, so there is nothing stopping the system from booting with malicious firmware flashed by an attacker. The firmware can just then lie about the measurements and everything down the chain is basically theatre.

In theory, Heads can be less bad if BootGuard measures at least PCR 0 and the TPM uses that to unlock the encryption key. In practice, none of the laptops running Heads have BootGuard at all.

Those would be pretty old then 9th gen maybe. If buying laptop, would want the E/P core thing, which was 12th gen.

The Nitropads currently offered are all either 12th or 3rd gen.

I watch a video 1-2 mouth ago where, I can’t remember if it was NovaCustom or Nitrokey but they was talking about BootGuard and they think they will have a laptop with BootGuard in 2024ish if I remember correctly, I’ll try to find the video.

Edit: It was NovaCustom they’re “thinking” about offering BootGuard in 2024