Thoughts on iCloud with Advanced Data Protection?

This is huge right?

Doesn’t this make Apple the only “big” company that has end-to-end encryption? Google and Microsoft don’t have it, right?

But it is proprietary. So there is some trust involved.

So, that leads us to asking, “Should we trust Apple?”

Is it reasonable to trust Apple? I’m thinking that it’s reasonable to trust them because it is part of their business model to protect privacy. But I am open to different perspectives and thoughts.

Is iCloud with Advanced Data Protection a good option? Is it worth putting on Privacy Guides?

Google has end-to-end encryption for some major services, but that’s beside the point I think. I don’t foresee iCloud Advanced Data Protection being worth recommending on Privacy Guides as a standalone tool we point to and say “use this for privacy,” although if you already use iCloud I’d certainly encourage enabling it.

I discussed it further here when it launched:

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You might find the answer here…

In summary, Apple offers better privacy for the masses, but not necessarily extreme privacy.

I believe that client-side encryption (not E2EE) is only available for the workplace suite. However, since Apple is currently the only “big” company that offers end-to-end encryption, their example may compel other companies to implement similar features.

Oh I haven’t heard of that. They don’t have it for Google Drive though right?


Thank you.

What is your setup?

I do use iCloud to backup stuff like photos, notes, contacts, documents.