The Lockdown app on ios and macOS

There is a app on the Apple app store called lockdown. Their website is
They shout from the rooftops on being the most open source company and collects zero data, etc. Does anyone have any information on this app/site for ios and macOS? They do 2 things. A massive firewall, ad-blocking service grouped with a optional vpn service. I have no intentions of using their VPN service but my Adguard Pro app seems to be pretty week and turns off and on. The app is simply called “Lockdown”

From a purely practical standpoint, it doesn’t seem worth its $30/yr price tag (which is required for anything beyond the most basic, curated list of trackers that you don’t have much control over) when something like NextDNS or Control D are $20/yr, provide much more functionality and flexibility, and can be used on all your devices both locally and at the router level for your entire network rather than just your iOS devices.

Lockdown Privacy (to my knowledge, had seen little to no development after 2020s) was recently acquired by Appex Group, which apparently is the next best thing since slice bread.

We’re pleased to announce that Lockdown Privacy has been acquired by Appex Group, a privacy-conscious mobile development group fully owned and operated by passionate technologists and engineers. Appex is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and is led by open source veterans with extensive background in security.