Guardian firewall and vpn review for iOS and macOS

I have just recieved a pair of Eero pro 6e routers that come with an optional paid Eero plus membership which includes the use of Guardians VPN, 1Password, etc. I already have a paid subscription to 1Password but have also been trying/debating about using Adguard Pro or Adguard Home with their DNS, VPN, adblocking and trackers package. What is your thoughts on using Adguard vs Guardian for my machines? I currently have Apple products so im limited. Any insights or suggestions? I have read where Brave uses Guardian with their system. Supposedly they are open source? Guardian offers a firewall and VPN service. I have Proton VPN but have learned that Protons vpn doesn’t work while in private browsing mode. I am looking for a simple configuration for a VPN, DNS, Firewall solution compatible with iOS and macOS for home use. Also, I bought the new EEros without doing the needed research and know now that Amazon bought the company a couple years back. Is their a router that someone could recommend that is great on privacy and security. I am limited to a high speed cable internet with 1Gps max. My ISP provided me with a modem/router combo and I had them disable the router and some I am now using the 2 euros as my official router.