Techlore Talks

Hey-o, Henry from Techlore and I have started a weekly(ish) show called Techlore Talks where we talk about various privacy and security related topics. This week we’re discussing what’s new in iOS 16, iPhone 14, and what it means for privacy & security.


Back with another episode: Is Facebook finally dying? Is the current ad revenue model possible without invading user data? Can FOSS projects be successful financially?


How do cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias fit into privacy, security, FOSS, tech, and the world today?


Social media moderation, deplatforming, freedom of speech, internet anonymity, and more!

Apple’s newest security & privacy changes, like E2EE for more iCloud services is here! But it’s not all great news.

Are there too many open source projects? Or too many of the wrong type? Or is everything a-okay? Today we chat about what feels like the oversaturation of FOSS.

Quad9 vs Sony, & The State of Linux Phones!

LTT got hacked, general chit-chat on what we think went wrong, as well as other discussions regarding general security issues recently, with some Linux security bits.

Google Authenticator’s new (meme-worthy) sync functionality, some updates to the privacy/security of security keys like Yubikeys, our experiences so far with Proton Pass, and more!