Looking for privacy feeds, podcasts, etc recommendations!

As I try to wane myself off of the more mainstream social media websites (reddit, twitter, etc) I find that I have a bit of a hole in terms of reading / watching material.

This forum has had a big impact on my interest in all things privacy so I am hoping to get some recommendations, for some good privacy reading / watching / listening. My preferred method would be RSS feeds (as a lot of my “on-the-go” reading is through Feeder these days) or podcasts but, all sources all welcome. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Master list of suggestions

EDIT 2: added links and, some of the current ones I follow just to give back after receiving so many great suggestions!

edit 3: more links for people to check out, in what was a very similar discussion that @ph00lt0 pointed out.


This week in privacy from PG


Got that one :grin:

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If your in the US, the EFF rss feed might be interesting


Good call! I was actually just reading through their 2023 in review article.


Privacy & Security channels and podcasts I like:

  1. Techlore
  2. Techlore Talks
  3. The New Oil
  4. Surveillance Report
  5. @Jonah’s channel
  6. Opt Out Podcast
  7. Darknet Diaries
  8. Privacy Security and OSINT Podcast
  9. Sun Knudsen
  10. Naomi Brockwell (NBTV)
  11. Self-Hosted Podcast (not privacy/security focused, but adjacent)
  12. Random But Memorable Podcast

Awesome! Thanks for the list. I have only heard of a few of these so I am excited to dig in and check out the rest!

There is a pretty broad range in that list from things like Surviellance report that are primarily privacy & security news to more entry level resources like NBTV and Techlore, to longer interviews with notable people in the privacy space like Opt Out, to more entertaining story formats like Darknet Diaries.

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The list of all the channels that I watch is:

  1. Louis Rossmann

  2. Mental Outlaw

  3. The Linux Experiment

  4. The Hated One

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I enjoy Rossmanns content, and have heard of Mental Outlaw but not actually checked it out. The rest of these are new to me. Really appreciate all the suggestions!

Going to edit my initial post and start making a master list to keep track of all this.


I like to follow some small but quality content creators - (including some mentioned above)

Eric murphy - Eric Murphy

Denshi’s Blog - DenshiSite

Simplified privacy - https://simplifiedprivacy.com/feed

Kuketz blog - Kuketz IT-Security » Blog + Microblog

Monero.observer - Monero Observer

Seth for privacy - sethforprivacy.com

GrapheneOS - https://fosstodon.org/@GrapheneOS@grapheneos.social.rss

Signalapp -

Mullvad blog - The Mullvad Blog


Thanks for all the suggestions. Adding them to my list!

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Wanted to share my AntennaPod Echo this year. (Not all of them are purely privacy related tho.)


I look forward to their banter during my monday mornings.

Also if you like scraping at the bottom of the barrel, there is always reddit feeds… like r/privacy… :rofl:

r/privacy is probably the worst place to go for privacy and security advice, etc. Reddit in general is toxic too.


This seems like a duplicate of What podcasts about privacy do you listen to?


I dont really go there for advice, more like seeing what the current events/drama is going on now.

Yeah they are very similar, if mods want to combine these posts feel free.

Sorry I didn’t catch that!

felt like r/privacy was better before the “protest” happened and they stopped letting users make posts. on a more serious note if anyone has any lemmy communties they want to suggest I am open to it!

I try to avoid reddit as much as I can now, partially for ethical reasons but mostly because reddit.com is blocking my vpn which forces me to go to old.reddit.com everytime. lol

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Actually didn’t know the Privacy Files podcast soemhow. Thanks!

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The Lockdown - Practical Privacy & Security