Swap size

How much swap do I need if I have 16GB of RAM? (I want Hibernation too.)


Any particular reason you want the highly broken hibernation support? iirc there was upstream talk of removing it entirely.
It isn’t even compatible with secure boot or lockdown.

I’d recommend forgoing on-disk swap and using zram with the size increased.


The problem is that I don’t know how to use ZRAM.

I use Artix with Open RC init system. If you could point me out to some kind of guide on how to use ZRAM on my distribution it would be very nice.

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See 1.1 or 1.2: zram - ArchWiki

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Sorry to necro this but is it wise to even use swap if you are on an SSD?

A bit more then physical

If you managed to get it working, it’s a nice “continue later” option for laptops. No, sleep does not cut it, especially if you use an Intel+GPU, shit hogs battery real fast.

Secureboot is overrated anyway, unless your threat model includes evil maid ofc. 99% of malwares just targets userspace anyway

Let’s consider a WD Blue 500gb SSD ([200TBW endurance](WD Internal SSD Endurance and Warranty Periods textnd-warranty-period) and a 16gb RAM laptop.

Let’s say 16gb is enough to not hit swap for now (if you do hit swap you really need to upgrade your RAM, your system is probably barely chugging by).

The swap will be 24gb and you hibernate once a day.

After ~3 years (1k days to simplify the math). You’ll have used 24TB, or 12% of your total SSD writes. Make of that what you will

Swap is really not needed, if you max out just upgrade ram as if you’re not editing/rendering or playing multiple games at the same moment you will never cap it.