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I don’t know what you think but I think it would be interesting to add services in the suggestion list from “trusted companies” to support and fund like Mozilla with Firefox Relay and VPN.

Firefox Relay is far from being as complete as SimpleLogin or AnonAddy but has the merit of being much cheaper than its competitors for example, just like their VPN which is less complete and reliable than the others but still does the job.

When do you think?

How much cheaper is Firefox Relay? SimpleLogin Premium is US$30/year and AnonAddy Lite is only US$1/month. I have to ask because the pricing does not appear to be publicly posted on the Relay website due to the waitlist.

Mozilla VPN is indeed cheaper than the 3 VPNs currently recommended by PG for the most part. If it meets the minimum criteria for inclusion on PG, then it would certainly be good to add it as a generally cheaper option.

Mozilla VPN uses Mullvad’s servers.

As for pricing, Mozilla VPN’s yearly plan price approximately matches Mullvad’s price, as well as IVPN’s Standard 1 year plan price. IVPN’s plans also get cheaper the longer you buy them for, since the 2 year plan averages out to $4.17/month, and the 3 year plan averages to $3.89/month. ProtonVPN is also $4.99/month if you opt for their 2 year plan, plus they have a free plan.

The pricing for Firefox Relay differs depending on what you get from them. As of now, the pricing for including phone protection and VPN are not available, but only email protection is available for $0.99/month, billed annually, and $1.99/month, billed monthly.

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That one is limited to 2 devices, realistically people would get the PRO one that is $10/m.

Proton and Mullvad are both priced in Euros, not US dollars. 5 Euros is more expensive than 5 USD.

On proton the price stays the same if you chose to pay in dollars