Storing browsing history with Tor and/or Mullvad Browser

Neither of these browsers store browsing history, and I wonder if it is otherwise possible to find the URL which I have connected to? I use Linux, so imagine it would involve commands into the Terminal.

Form doing an inconclusive browse as a novice, it seems Tor does not allow for this, but I have found nothing on Mullvad. It is a shame if I can’t, for that means the VPN/ISP is technically able to collect data on me which I cannot collect.

(edit: I realized I can enable history collection easily on Mullvad in settings, I thought it was an unchangeable setting because the one above is. My question remains, how can I find logs for Tor / private browsing on Linux

With private browsing disabled on Mullvad, does it affect the browsers anti-fingerprinting capabilities, as PG says " it is imperative that you do not modify the browser at all outside adjusting the default security levels" )

Apologies for not figuring this initially.)

If you do DNS locally on your network, you should be able to get your own logs, especially if you have something like a pfSense router/firewall.

I know, but I would like to collect this information myself. My inability to collect my browsing history is deterring me from Tor and Mullvad browser (I figured I can use the latter, see edited OP)

The official way to save specific sites for later in these browsers is to use bookmarks, they’re just not designed to store your entire browsing history.


Firefox+modified arkenfox might fit your use case