Someone warned me of the dangers of using proprietary clouds. But what if I'm encrypting it all on my side first?

It appears that if a person has valuable data, they have no choice but to backup this data on a cloud, in addition to other ways of backing up the data. Me personally, I plan to back data up on a cloud, also backup on a Network Attached Storage, and also on a hard drive that is kept 99% of the time offline. Also, I’ve been told ransomware nowadays doesnt just infect one’s PC, it can infect & encrypt one’s cloud & NAS’s. -Thanks!

If you’re encrypting the data and then uploading that to a cloud service, then they can’t see what you’ve uploaded. I’ve heard this recommendation for folks who want to continue using Google Drive but get back some privacy while sticking to the tool they know.

When it comes to ransomware, from that I understand, you basically have to treat that case as a data loss. You may not be able to count on the attacker actually decrypting your data after the attack and you may want to wipe infected machines anyway after they’re “out” in case they still left themselves some way in. By treating it the same as data loss, you skip dealing with the attacker and just nuke your affected machines and restore from backups.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn about ransomeware working against a NAS, but working against a cloud solution seems odd to me. If they have access to your cloud storage, I guess they could pull down everything, encrypt it, and then upload it back, but that seems very involved. In either case I haven’t heard of that, but I guess it can happen?