Smart lock?

The subject is smart locks.
You know the drill: what’s a privacy way to get it working? Is there an open standard that can be used to self host an online solution instead of relying on the manufacturer’s cloud?
Or am I restricted to offline locks that are basically just a combination lock?

Thanks in advance!

Short answer: forget about smart locks, they’re almost all trash, certainly the affordable ones.
Long answer:


The highest security locks are those like Mendeco which support diagonal cuts in the key. It’s expensive but worth it if your door needs to be secure.

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Thanks! And thanks to @clockwork, I’ll look into that.
In this case physical security is not a big issue because it’s going to be insider a building with it’s own security. So we’re talking basically remote access control in a privacy respecting way.

For that I’d just use a second key for that specific room aside from the main building key.

I used to be obsessed with door locks (and locks in general and then I was recommended by this video on Open Source Security Podcast).

Apologies for the YouTube link. I am in a hurry.

The TLDW of the video is: Nice and secure locks and keys are cool until they demolish your wall in less than a minute.

Don’t overspend on fancy locks if the walls (or windows for that matter) can’t keep out the baddies.

I’m thinking of investing in a gun or something. :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if the point of locks are to keep firefighters out…


I agree but the tool they use to breach walls are a well-known and are actually very simple and relatively easy to build. This is one of the things to consider when spending.

They’re just IoT garbage.
Another good read:

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