Silent Donor: Give back to charity completely privately

We are the top privacy resource for all of your philanthropic pursuits! Check your inbox today. A lot of people are frustrated at receiving a ton of junkmail/spam and solicitations from charities and nonprofits after they donate. The truth is, it’s common in the nonprofit industry to sell access or share email lists with other nonprofit organizations - which we believe is a clear violation of personal privacy. A lot of people would rather remain private when they give, which is why we created an easy-to-use resource for this previously complex process.

We run the largest anonymous donation platform in the world, called Silent Donor. Our tech platform operates through a registered 501c3 charitable fund in the US (called the AnonDo Fund) that essentially acts as a privacy buffer for any donors looking to give back. It’s a simplified donor advised fund.

You can use our platform to send donations to any charity or nonprofit in the US. Just fill out our donation form and type in a charity. After you pay, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt from our Fund. Then our fund will send the donation on to the charity that you chose on our donation form, but it will go to the charity as a donation from our Fund and will not include ANY of your personal information - keeping your privacy secure. There is no account to set up or complicated registration process.

Keep the impact of your donations to charity, but also keep your privacy!


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