Seeking community member to create "web stories" [Paid]

I am exploring new ways of reaching people and spreading the privacy message, and I’m looking for someone who might be interested in creating web stories based on Privacy Guides pages:

It’s basically a drag-and-drop system where you would summarize a page on Privacy Guides into 8-12 story pages (see screenshot above) with media content, and then link to the actual page at the end.

I would estimate creating them should take 20-30 minutes per story, and we can budget up to $20/story (so roughly $40/hour estimated) and up to $260 total (so 13 stories maximum at the moment).

Demo: Worried about TikTok? The RESTRICT Act Is Not the Answer! - Privacy Guides

If you would be interested in helping out with this project, or if you have any questions, please DM me, with a budget proposal if you would like to be paid for your work. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi, how to dm you?