Secure phone backups on Android?

Are there any reliable ways to securely backup your Android phone? That is, including settings, apps, files, gallery, etc.?

Solutions for all devices and OSes appreciated, though I am particularly interested in solutions that work on Samsung/One UI devices, as that is the brand of my own phone.


I personally don’t have a Samsung so take it with a grain of salt.

For Samsung, the official article is this I think:

These are the solutions I use:

In addition to these, I use in-built backup functionality of apps wherever available.

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For Samsung you can use Smart Switch, with which you can save apps, system and multimedia information and other files in the OS. In my experience, it does not save app data. Regarding privacy, it is saved in external storage, I have not tried it but I suppose it can be used without an internet connection.

Samsung also has backups in the cloud but I imagine it is less private, I only use it to save Wi-Fi networks.

For general Android devices, I recommend Swift Backup, works better with root. Again in privacy I have not reviewed because I used it years ago, but it works offline

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There is no good solution aside from the built-in one, because to backup app data, you need privileged access on Android which you have no control over as a user, so the OS vendor needs to provide the backup solution. That’s usually Google’s backup solution to Google cloud on non-custom OSes and Seedvault on custom OSes. If it’s just for your non-app storage, you can use any cloud or sync app.

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that’s now NeoBackup.

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I’ve never heard of that app, it seems to be a completely different development, if it works correctly, great.

I just came across your thread and wanted to say that this App has been amazing for me. It runs on ancient Android OS versions as well.

Link: RerWare, home of MyBackup Pro. The best Android backup application.

Let me know if you need my help!