Samsung's Secure Folder

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Is it possible for Samsung to access user files stored within Samsung’s “Secure Folder” without Cloud synchronization?

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Ultimately, if the OS is “malicious”, it can exfiltrate any data you have.

If the OS functions as promised, then it doesn’t send your local data to anybody. Although Samsung’s implementation of secure folder isn’t open, the easiest/most reasonable implementation is to generate an encryption key to encrypt/decrypt your data, and store the key in the Android keystore, which only the secure folder app has access. Putting a password/biometric will also protect the key from yourself without additional authentication. If this is true, and the OS isn’t malicious, then without the key (most likely protected by the hardware), nobody can read your data.

BTW, Google Files also have a “safe folder” feature.

If you still don’t like these, then maybe somebody would suggest and open-sourced solution.

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As far as I’m aware, Secure Folder works the same way as Android Work Profiles do under the hood.

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According to Wikipedia, the secure folder feature uses the Knox framework. But in the past years I have seen news that all the source code of Samsung has been stolen.


Thank you everyone for the opinions.