Rework search highlighting behavior

While highlighting occurrences of a search term on the given page can be useful, I believe the current implementation is too intrusive for simple searches. For example, if I wanted to find recommendations on search engines, I could type “search” into the search bar and be directed to the Search Engines page. However, all occurrences of the word “search” are now highlighted, which leads to clutter. Screenshot:

I think it would be far better if highlighting were disabled for single-word searches or searches shorter than a certain length to avoid this, or simply disabled entirely. Of course, these are just suggestions, and I’m open to better ideas, but I’d like to see something change to make the search experience a little more usable :slight_smile:

@jonah do you have anything to say about this? I just don’t want this to get buried without consideration since it’s been an ongoing annoyance with the site for me that has a potentially simple fix.

Not sure how simple this would be to fix, this would probably have to be added upstream: