Questions regarding SearXNG

Hello there!
I’ve been switching search engines for a very long time and recently tried SearXNG and liked the instance and liked it (no particular reason which I chose it, it was just the first instance listed on the instances list with a GUI I liked). However, I do have a lot of questions related to it and haven’t found a lot of answers to my questions in other sites like reddit.

  1. The only search engine and many more instances use is google so what will happen if I add more engines like mojeek and bing?

  2. If I only use google as my search engine what is the difference between it and startpage? And if I have startpage in my engines list will I get google results that are proxied twice?

  3. Is there any way to remove the tabs below the search tab? I only use the first 4 and the others makes it look bloated IMO. (Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

Why not give it a try?

Yes, right now its my default search engine but I still don’t understand what it really does and if I could remove those tabs. Still its got a pretty good UI with good search results.

like how do the different search engines mix? I guess the top results would be mixed but is there a hierarchy for other search engines?

  1. More mixed results
  2. Well yes, proxied twice. still can collect all your queries, so they do not care what you use.
  3. Use uBo to remove web elements.


Regarding point 3 on tab bloat, I’d recommend opening an issue on their GitHub for it as a feature to optionally enable / disable in settings. Seems like it would be a decent feature to have.