Reply to rsvp using anonaddy

How do I accept a rsvp invite from an anonaddy email address?

How do you accept a ‘RSVP invite’ from a non-anonaddy email address?

(are you asking how to send a reply email from an anonaddy address? or is this like a calendar invite or some 3rd party form or service?)

I mean a calendar invite.

I might be mistaking, but I believe when you accept a calendar, an email is automatically sent.

Basically, I want the other party to see my email as accepted or rejected on his/her calendar app

Assuming you want to keep the address of your mailbox unseen, you may not be able to accept using the usual UI provided by your mailbox.

IIRC, when you tap “Yes” or something else on the UI given by your mailbox, the mailbox replies to the calendar invitation email. This reply has an .ics file attached, which includes your calendar timezone, mailbox email address, etc.

Test it, though. Invite yourself from another email address, accept, and see what you get back.

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I test it and it works exactly how you said. Thanks