Privacy preserving meeting invites

My organization (the IOPD) is currently using ProtonMail and ProtonCalendar to invite members to our meetings and events. Unfortunately, ProtonCalendar, as well as every other calendar system, sends out the list of participants to everyone. We’d like something that keeps the invite list private and manages individual participants, but allows us to see who has accepted the meeting and who hasn’t. If it also allows us to maintain an opt in mailing list, that would be awesome as well!

Huh, that’s a good question. I’ve never tried to do this with Proton Calendar, and now I’m kinda sad nobody besides Google Calendar seems to have this functionality.

If I were setting this up I would probably just create an RSVP form with Nextcloud or CryptPad to collect that information though, is there a reason that wouldn’t work in your case? Maybe someone else will have a better idea.


We have used a mailing list to send out invites, hiding the initial guest list. However, if people accept the invite (which sends it back to ProtonMail) and we update the invitation (which happens fairly often), then everyone gets a list of all the guest. Google is the only one I know that provides the functionality of hiding the guest list. I know some event software does this (like cEvent or EventBright) but then people have to register accounts with those companies and we don’t need that.

I check, we also use Skiff and it does the same thing.

Maybe good to submit this to too.