Remove Send

EDIT 3: Read my last post here for a more curated conclusion with less mistakes and more nuance than this first post.

This tool isn’t updated has 7 months and the developer doesn’t show any activity in the Send repository during that period of time (seems unmaintained).

The only recent activity that I found from this developer somehow related to Send (after June 2023) is this:

EDIT 2: I found out now that the developer answered to four issues after June 2023:

August 2023: Anyone figured out a way to force dark mode? · Issue #174 · timvisee/send · GitHub
If you click the logo then you're redirected to the homepage. How can I turn this off? · Issue #176 · timvisee/send · GitHub
September 2023:
Uploading a folder not working · Issue #180 · timvisee/send · GitHub
January 2024:
customizing the text under Simple, private file sharing · Issue #186 · timvisee/send · GitHub

Sorry for not noticing this previously.

The only other option I find to maintain Send listed is to find a maintained fork, but so far I only found this one (and still has outdated dependencies represented by open pull requests opened by a bot):

And the developer seems to have been busy the last two months, hill at least part of that time according to this open issue:

Overall, unless this fork or the currently recommended Send starts receiving updates again, I think this recommendation should be removed due to lack of maintenance.

List of forks of Send by Mozzila (useless at this point):

List of forks of the Send fork recomended in privacy guides (useless at this point):

None fork seems maintained.

EDIT 1: the developer still seems to be fairly active in GitHub, but not in Send, so the problem shouldn’t be lack of time, maybe lack of interest or more interest in other projects.

The tool could just be completed such that right now there isn’t anything to do

Also, the developer actively responds to issue reports it seems.

Sure, maybe that is the case.
I thought about that possibility, but the developer inactivity worried me, althought there isn’t much inactivity, so it was my mistake, sorry. :sweat_smile:

Other than two open pull requests to update dependencies, there is nothing concerning that I can see (and those don’t seem to show any security vulnerability, so all should be okay).

I first wanted to start this thread due to the lack of commits for such long time and developer inactivity, I even browsed open issues and pull requests, I don’t know why I didn’t browse the closed issues to verify if the developer was recently active in any of them, which happened to be the case:

Thank you for correcting me!

Then maybe this thread can be closed as rejected? :slightly_smiling_face: