Remove Raivo OTP (iOS MFA)

Raivo OTP is sold.

“Big News! :rocket: Exciting times ahead as we announce that Raivo has been acquired by Mobime (! :tada::handshake:

Rest assured, nothing will change for you, except for more support and development on the Raivo ecosystem. More updates will follow soon.”

Interesting, I can barely find any information about this mobima party. Will have to look into this more later on.

It’s still early but I wouldn’t feel amazing if I were a user of this.

  • Can’t seem to find any corporate registration numbers of this so called Mobime anywhere.
  • Privacy policy now linked in the app store mentions the use of Facebook and Google AdMob trackers (Mobime - Privacy Policy)
  • Log data collection including IP addresses (Mobime - Privacy Policy) different from no data collected statement in app store.
  • Mobime also offers some ‘cleaner’ app called “phone master”, a red flag to me.
  • Nowhere an address is listed as contact only an general email in the privacy policy. Jurisdiction is unknown so the people behind this. SARL could be in many different countries.

Unfortunately I cannot find any contact of the previous owner and copyright holder.

I asked the creator some questions on the github repo:

Let’s await the answers and hope everything is alright. This definitely could have been introduced better, but he is also a one pitter so let’s assume it’s all with right intentions.

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That’s why I shared as a Raivo user. As a backup plan, I am planing to use my proton pass as 2FA at the first place. Let us see.

I am also looking forward to seeing what iOS users think about this and possible alternatives

ios app moved to developer ‘mobime’. app store link


Mobile has also a VPN.

He has a Twitter account in GitHub , but did not make any announcement.

Can’t you also just use the built-in 2FA support Apple added to iOS at some point?


That’s possible. But I prefer an open source and platform agnostic solution as a principle.

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Ravio OTP isn’t platform agnostic? And why require open source for your 2FA apps, when your system and all its app are not open source?

I’m currently using 2FAS.


As the title says, it’s sold to a strange company. It’s not open source, but source available, so it cannot be forked.

Indeed, my operating system is not open source, but it does not mean that I need to trust and use many more proprietary software. I only have to trust Apple.

That’s a shame. I’ve been using Raivo for a couple of years (discovered it through Privacy Guides) and have been very happy with it.

I read Marocco here so did a search. There is indeed a Marrocian company with Mobime as name. Not sure if it is the same company however.

Update: belongs to that company in Marocco. Seems to be a marketing from the title.
Multiple similar companies are registered on this address.


One more update I got hold of the orginal author’ email earlier today and informed him of the questions asked in case he missed the github notifications. Hope to get anwers soon.


I guess give it a few days. If no replies follow it gives us a good argument to remove the recommendation.

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The real problem may be to suggest a new app on iOS. There are Tofu and FreeOTP, but afaik, they don’t have interoperability with macOS like Raivo.

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Hopefully this becomes another Startpage/System1 situation where there really is little to no effect on the product itself. The lack of communication so far concerns me though.

I have personally moved right away to 2FAs. On the surface at least, nothing seems scary from that app and hopefully the other thread will share some more details about it. At least, everything I could see/read about that company which acquired Raivo did not give me any sort of confidence and I did prefer to get away safely while I can before a weird update comes.