PSA: Export your keys before updating Raivo OTP to the latest 1.6 version

Be careful as you might lose all your keys if you update Raivo to the latest 1.6 version without backing up your keys before when not using an online sync.

The latest version shadow dropped a subscription model that requires the user to setup the entire account again, and the restore functionality seems to be exclusive to subscribers only.

I don’t know if this was all according to plan but I think it’s time to give that Bitwarden Authenticator a go now.

Edit: Adding link to the GitHub Issues page for a live feed of the whole thing crashing down.


Ah, the extremely predicable outcome of the Raivo acquisition has arrived.


It’s such a shame. I kind of just want to move everything to 1Password now, but you know, all eggs in the same basket kind of situation…

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The state of their issue tracker is a sorry affair :cry:

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holy ** imagine losing all your TOTP seeds hahah. What a sh*t show.

Also thinking good reminder that you should always backup, but yeah we all know not everyone will do so.


Supposedly the JSON backup file can be imported into Ente Auth, hopefully people are able to get that working.

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Those poor people that still support him with github sponsorship and now have to pay double: Sponsor @tijme on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub

At least he did tell people on the changelog of the update to export their keys before updating.

I’ve also just moved to Ente Auth using the exported JSON and can confirm it was all smooth sailings.

I always have an offline backup on KeepassXC as a last resort but I feel very sorry for all of those that just lost everything without a backup plan. :persevere:

“Simply the best authenticator” lol


Sure am glad I took the time to drop them when they were acquired, it’s a PITA but way better than getting locked out of key accounts because you lost your seeds.

Also a good reminder to back up your seeds even if you aren’t planning on moving apps.

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Not sure if any mods will intervene at GitHub but the leftover users are mad: Issues · raivo-otp/ios-application · GitHub

The bug tracker seems to get more productive by the minute.


@jonah can we add the popcorn :popcorn: emoji

At this point Raivo only exists for the comedic value on the github issues section.
It’s dead and even if they do everything right from now on (veeeeeerry unlikely) it would be hard to trust them again anytime soon.

RIP Raivo, you’ve been a nice app before you were sold. :headstone:

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The sad part is that people using this are not staying up to date and now are caught by surprise. But yeah it was all predictable that it would burn down like this.

The most insane part for me is that this security researcher who sold out is not been criticized as much for it. He should know better.

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Never forget the 3-2-1 rule.

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Agreed but people who are hit by hit and still using Raivoare also likely not the kind of people that do backups.

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I got screwed over big time, lost everything.

I need to keep up today with this website/forum. Had no idea that the app was sold off back last year.

Moved to Ente now, as recommended.

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Did you lose anything unrecoverable?

All my codes,I didn’t make any backups.

Luckily I was able to disable 2FA on some websites and reactivate it.