PSA: Export your keys before updating Raivo OTP to the latest 1.6 version

The changelog is probably the best way to keep up to date when you are short on time:Releases · privacyguides/ · GitHub


I am keeping everything in 1Password, Bitwarden as backup, and Proton Pass as second backup, and Authy as third backup. I deleted everything in Raivo after he sold the app months ago.

Wouldn’t use Authy or keep anything in there.

It is only active for Twitch imho. I lost my previous Twitch account because of I deleted my Authy. It has also my Outlook account OTP but that is it. I would prefer Yubi OTP app but it is limited to 32 entries if I remember correctly.

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Interesting way to go about it. Not sure if I would recommend that. You add a lot of attack factors but on the other hand I also think these aren’t bad options… it is a new approach to me.

IMO the original dev was morally wrong for selling out. It was obvious a thing like this might come to pass (they need to make their money back somehow) and it betrays the trust of the users.


This is not the first time something like this has happened. We have Skiff selling out to Notion, Simple Mobile Tools selling out to some sketchy company, and then we have Raivo.

The new devs have removed the issue tabs and made a post in the discussion tab.
Hello everyone,

We need to address the recent issues in the past 48 hours. It is crucial to keep the discussion respectful and acknowledge the efforts being made to resolve the situation.

An update to the app store that will allow all previous Raivo users to export and import their keys is pending release.
If you have used iCloud to store your keys, you can restore all of them as long as you remember your Master password.
Another option is the import function from offline storage, which should be available in the next few hours.

Rest assured that we are here with you and fully committed to resolving this together.
We are committed to responding to every comment to the best of our ability. Your feedback is important to us, and we value your input.

Hear from you soon
Mobime Team

ngl I didn’t know developers had this ability

Me neither.

Not getting anywhere by chatting to them.

well they just removed the issues on github too LOL

Couldn’t handle the backclash.

I’m really not sure what to think after seeing some of their responses in the Github discussion they created. Not sure if they are legitimate or it’s just PR to try to save face. I would guess the latter judging by their actions of disabling App Store ratings and Github issues.

Actually I change my mind, partially. It’s partly or mostly caused by those devs being incompetent/inexperienced at iOS development. Raivo Mess - Discussion · raivo-otp/ios-application · Discussion #369 · GitHub

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They’ve killed the app now.

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Their GitHub discussion was deleted.

They’ve deleted all discussions.

The new update has been released and still no access to codes.

Edit: They’ve reset the ratings again on the App Store.

Thankfully it was partly archived. Raivo Mess - Discussion · raivo-otp/ios-application · Discussion #369 · GitHub

But yeah, definitely leaning towards malice now. Especially with the inconsistent excuses/answers they’ve been giving out.

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Hi everyone

I just saw this post too late :frowning:

Just so I understand (Cause I’m a noob tbh). If I haven’t made any backups does that mean codes are gone forever UNLESS I pay for a subscription?

But then… doesn’t that mean that the codes can be retrieved without icloud or offline backup somehow for paid users?

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If you only had them stored locally they might be lost even if you do pay for a subscription, unfortunately. I haven’t heard of anyone being able to regain access by paying so far.