FreeOTP (iOS/Android TOTP 2FA App)

I searched the forum, but no discussions seems to exist.

What are your thoughts on freeOTP by Red Hat?

cool, i knew about Tofu(have seen some mentions of it here) but hadn’t heard of FreeOTP. interested to see what the people that know more than me think.

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Edited your post, this isn’t a place to discuss a bunch of different things, or we’ll get all off track. Post a separate topic if you want to suggest Tofu. Typically we wait for someone who has actually used the product to suggest it though, otherwise the discussion often goes nowhere.


I see your point. You are absolutely right. I used both apps for a few days after I removed Raivo. Both apps do not have the option to export tokens.

Edit: after @jonah’s comment, I opened up a new topic for Tofu and move my comments to there.

It seems to be actively developed. It was actually the frist app I once used but switched to Aegis over design and security options.

Being backed by Red Hat I believe this to be quite a stable option.

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Indeed. But, the problem is that there is no bulk import and export option in freeOTP. You have to import all tokens one by one.