Thoughts on Authenticator Pro?

To be clear I’m not asking for it to be added to the site. That has already been discussed here Add Authenticator Pro .

I just wanted to get some opinions. Are there any known security issues/critical bugs? There’s nothing wrong with Aegis, I just prefer this app’s UI, that’s it.

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Here are some thoughts. They seem to be unfriendly, locking out users when they lose their device or lose access to the app. Jason from All Thing Secured made a video about them. At the time there was poor security and you couldn’t lock the app, and they had no backup and export option. The rest of the video is marketing and you can ignore it, but the stuff he says about Authenticator Pro is valid. I started using Aegis and never had a single issue, and they touch all my most desirable points: open source, easy to use, decent looking UI, offline access, and more.

The sources you linked to complain about Google Authenticator. I was reffering to a different app - Authenticator Pro. It does have an app lock and an export option. It is open-source and does not require internet permissions.

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