Aegis vs Ente vs Yubico Authenticator

Hi everyone,

I would like to know which is the best double authentication tool between Aegis, Ente and Yubico Authenticator?

Aegis is good, but everything is local, the day I lose my phone, I’m screwed to recover some codes.
Ente looks excellent, but first I’d like to know if it’s safe to store these codes in the drive?
And for Yubico Authenticator, I already have two Yubico keys, is it better to use their application to store the codes?

What do you think?

You can export from Aegis, save it on cloud and in an encrypted pendrive and keep it in your safe.

Just use Aegis. Please backup regularly and save the file to a place you consider safe

Use the yubikeys you have and be sure to PIN-protect the TOTP/FIDO keys

OK, so the best thing is to use Aegis and make a backup on a drive like Proton Drive and use my keys to recover that backup if I need to, right?


I tested the duck extensively again today. But honestly, compared to Aegis it’s still just a lame duck by far.
in terms of function, UI and UX

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Is this still the case a month later? If so, would you care to elaborate?

Unfortunately yes. After my initial posting, two versions were added.
But as long as I can’t sort manually and can’t set the view (small, large, tiles) the app is still far behind Aegis.
As I said, not bad, but nowhere near what I expected