Change to Yubico authentificator useful?


I recently ordered a security key, the Yubico 5 NFC which also double authenticates with the Yubico authenticator app.

I would like to know if it is useful to switch from Aegis to Yubico authenticator or to use the key as a security key only?

Yubico Authenticator is going to be more secure than Aegis since your TOTP seeds will be stored on the hardware security key, however you cannot export your OTP seed codes, meaning you cannot back it up from the YubiKey. If your YubiKey is ever lost or destroyed, you will lose your ability to use TOTP. That’s why it’s recommended to buy at least 2 hardware security keys so that one can act as a backup.

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I don’t know which solution is better.

Is it better to use Yubico authenticator + Yubikey key to access it (and second backup key) or Aegis with the backup file stored on a drive like Proton?